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Shape up your life- SlenderTone Connect Toning Belt

Shape up your life- SlenderTone Connect Toning Belt

Life is good when you are at the beach, but life is better when your beach body is slender, toned and ready for that summer sun! Imagine worry-free days, devouring sea food, drinking champagne with your girlfriends by the sea!

Move over fad diets, veganism and punishing your gut! Slendertone Connect Toning belt when paired with a balanced diet, slight exercise and consistency can prove to be your best friend this summer and every summer hereafter!

From its humble beginnings in Baker Street, London, Slendertone became the world’s first toning belt to become FDA cleared in 2001. The legend Muhammad Ali used Slendertone before his matches in the boxing ring, Slendertone also went on to supply world class athletes with toning belts before the big games in 1972 and 1976 summer Olympic games.

From launching the first toning belt to be used at-home in 1999, Slendertone was the first brand to release independently conducted clinical trials in 2005 proving its mettle again. SLENDERTONE Connect is the world’s first app-controlled toning device and the second ever app-controlled medical device too!
Let’s dive into the features of the toning belt – Buy Now

The Technology: Used by world-class athletes like Muhammad Ali, Olympic players and the like, is now available for use readily, from the comfort of our futon, any time, any where! Lightweight and wireless, you can use it while cooking, washing dishes, doing the laundry, or while working out for a more effective workout sesh! Slendertone uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to emit signals directly from the belt to your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract, work and relax in a similar way.

EMS works as a rehabilitation tool as a medical support kit for partially or totally immobilised patients, and as a strength and training tool for a perfectly healthy people, and as a post exercise recovery tool for athletes, causing it to gain even more momentum in the last few years. The device generates impulses that are then delivered to the skin, near the muscles being stimulated via electrodes. The impulses work effectively because of simply put, a phenomenon that mimics the body’s potential action that comes from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. EMS is so effective a tool, that it is cited by sports physicians as an effective complementary technique for sports training. In USA, EMS has become one of the many devices regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)!

How does Slendertone work?

The core is literally the most important part of your body, and the most ignored. During everyday activities like sitting at your desk, walking and carrying groceries, the brain sends signals to the muscles via the nerves, making them contract and relax. Slendertone is clinically proven to do the same via electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) via the app-controlled toning belt, a state-of-the-art technology that is aided by years of research and development. It uses EMS to directly emit signals from the belt to the abdominal muscles, making them contract, relax and work in a similar fashion. Toning belt, an active lifestyle, a balanced diet can work wonders to give you the dream Instagram-like beach body that is envied more than loved by one and all!

What’s more? Let’s dive into the features of Slendertone & whether it justifies the fad or not!

There’s more to Slendertone than just toning the abdominal muscles. It strengthens the core deeply and effectively, at the comfort of your own futon! It is engineered to work beyond just the body but to tone the core deeply to achieve maximum benefits from your workout as well.

50Hz electrical pulse frequency – The Slendertone is proven to provide a more efcient muscle toning session as compared to other models on the market with a higher Hz frequency for maximum toning.

Patented fit and design – Connect has tailor-made gel pads that are specifically placed on the sides and centre of your torso to tone the abdominal area muscles smoothly and effectively. The uber comfortable gel pads have been placed with a unique conductive mesh which evenly distributes the stimulating (EMS) signals throughout the torso for an effective and ultracomfortable abs workouts.

Built for active lifestyles – The compression belt has been specifically sculpted to keep the gel pads in full contact with the skin, throughout the workout, so that you can continue with your metime as it suits you. Read a book, commute to work, do household chores, or work out, the comfortable belt ensures that you’re getting the most out of every session. The belt can be worn during day-to-day activities, during that perfecting core workouts, light circuits and exercise plans, so that no day is wasted!

Backed by decades of research – The Slendertone Connect has come far from its humble beginnings to expand into the field of fitness technology. A pioneer in abdominal toning belts, backed by decades of researches lead by leading scientists, clinical studies that prove its mettle time and again, FDA cleared to move to the top of the spectrum when it comes to toning, Slendertone is here to stay and provide groundbreaking results!

Clinical Research Reports: What is the rave all about?

For years and years, we have seen Slendertone take the fitness technology market by storm, making its way into disease control, then sports and finally into the every day life of people like you and me, for using it in the comfort of our own homes. What do the clinical results claim? Let’s find out: Trials for Slendertone are conducted by leading universities of the world and backed by scientists and researchers for maximum claim value and reliable results. A research led by Dr. John P. Porcari, Professor in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin LA-Cross (2005 & 2018) found that:

-3.5cm: Users that consistently used the Slendertone Abs Toning Belt for eight weeks experienced an average waistline reduction of about 3.5cm.

72%: Increase in the user’s abdominal endurance in just a mere four weeks of using the toning belt.

46%: Increase in abdominal strength experienced by users using it from four weeks.

The results add up to be pretty impressive if the belt is used consistently, at least five times a week during your Slendertone six-week programme.

How does the Slendertone Connect work?

Your Slendertone comes equipped with everything you will be needing for a tighter and stronger core-

  • Slendertone Connect unisex toning belt
  • Rechargeable controller
  • USB charging cable
  • Set of replacement gel pads
  • Instruction manual
  • Handy travel pouch

Steps towards an effective abdominal workout-

Step 1- To start using the belt, first download the Slendertone app from the app store. Ensure the bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad is enabled, and login on the app, or sign up if you are a new user. Fill in your personal details like gender, date of birth, activity level (to the best of your knowledge) and your motivation to use the Slendertone Connect. (we make sure to pep talk your way up to your desired results!)

Step 2- Based on the option you select from the list of motivation options from the ones provided, you will be given further details on the programme detail you will be following. We also recommend sending reminders to yourself from our reminder screen. Voila! You are now ready to pair up your belt with the app.

Step 3- Turn on the controller by holding down the Slendertone power button, press the ‘minus’ button and hold for three seconds, your controller should start sync once it has entered sync mode. Check that the last four digits on the back of your controller match the last four digits displayed on the screen and press continue.

Step 4- A bluetooth pairing request will pop up on the screen, select ‘pair’. After pairing, the controller will turn on, you have now successfully set up your controller.

Step 5- Let’s set up your Slendertone Connect belt. Remove the gel pads from the bag, remove the blue protective cover from the pattern side of the gel pads. Place your gel pads on the connect belt with the pattern side down. Each belt is equipped with markings to allow the gel pads to align the gel pad correctly with your oblique muscles. Ensure that the metal studs are fully covered.

Step 6- To insert the controller into the belt hole stud, lay the belt on a fiat surface and press the controller down into the hole stud until it clicks into place. Ensure all the metal connectors are aligned. Remove the clear plastic covers from the gel pads and preserve them, because you will be covering the gel pads again with the plastic covers after your toning session.

Step 7- Now it’s time to put the belt on your body, centre the gel pads over your navel and the oval pads on either sides between your hip bone and your waist. Press the gel pads firmly on your skin and tighten the belt. Power up your controller by pressing and holding the power button until you hear the startup tone.

Step 8- Now select the intensity level on your app after turning on your controller back up again. You should select an intensity level that you are comfortable with and gradually increase as you go up!

Voila, your set up is now complete and you can effectively begin to progress towards your goal of a tighter core as you begin your journey with Slendertone.