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Iluminage Youth Activator – Your Guide to Glowing Skin

Iluminage Youth Activator – Your Guide to Glowing Skin

Befriend ageing and embrace youthfulness! Your rescue from the steady decline of tight skin of the 20s is here- Illuminate Beauty’s Youth Activator, that makes age literally feel like just a number. Iluminage is based out of the bustling New York City, sold at premier stores like Harrods, Selfridges etc., is one of the most talked about brands often covered in beauty editorials and magazines like LA Weekly, The Times, Marie Claire, rated #1 brand by U.S. dermatologists for athome treatments and what’s more? The rage has just begun!

Iluminage’s Youth Activator, as the name suggests is a power-packed, at-home device that combines powerful patented technology with superior results to give your skin routine a much needed boost. One of the most talked about beauty products of today- Youth Activator has been spotted in magazines day to the likes of The Times Magazine, Women’s Health, Marie Claire and much more! So what exactly is Radio Frequency light? How does it work? DOES it work? Let’s find out:

The Technology:

Youth Activator combines three power packed technologies to create the most powerful luxury beauty tool on the market! Groundbreaking, patented technology that includes radio frequency which knows no bounds when it comes to reducing fine lines, wrinkles and boosting collagen production to Red LED light that, as unique as the name suggests, was initiated by NASA scientists improves blood circulation to the face and infrared light that reduces redness, skin irritation and flushing, make the Youth Activator a luxury beauty market fad.

How does it work?

Radio Frequency- A contourer in disguise, radio frequency technology boosts collagen (the youth elixir) production in the skin by heating the tissue on the skin to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Essentially used in place of facelifts- radio frequency induces tissue remodelling and produces elastin and collagen, both responsible to tackle skin tightening around the mouth, eyes, forehead, covering the entire face. It works by delivering gentle thermal energy deep within the skin where lotions and potions cannot fathom to reach, to activate the youthfulness cell regeneration.

Red Light and Infrared Rays- Initially used by NASA to promote speedy growth of plants, turns out Red Light also helps in improving blood circulation as well as helps in repairing damaged cells, thereby boosting cellular metabolism in the face using a process called photo rejuvenation (literally rejuvenating and activating the glowing skin from within!) which is responsible for reducing wrinkles on the face.

Treatment Areas: The Iluminage’s Youth Activator is ideal for treatments on the face providing clinically proven younger looking skin after just one treatment! It can be used on four main parts of the face where the wrinkle disaster usually strikes!

  • Forehead- to do away with those semi-perma lines that appear with ageing.
  • Cheeks- makes cheeks firmer, taut and pout ready, anytime, anywhere!
  • Chin- wrinkles on the chin can often go unnoticed, reveal the new you, doing away with those wrinkles.
  • Jawline- perkier looking skin and defined jawline that does not sag is just one treatment away!

Procedure: Prep your skin for radiance that glows from within! Follow these steps for an ultimate treatment:

Step 1- Do a patch test on your forearm to familiarise yourself with the treatment process, prior to the first treatment. (Pro tip: Remember to fully charge your device following the test treatment for your first use!)

Step 2- Thoroughly cleanse skin to remove any leftover makeup, dirt or oil and wipe with a clean cloth. Blast your favourite Beyoncé track at full volume and let the treatment begin! To turn the power on, press the silver button on the device. Once it turns on, a blue line will illuminate, indicating that the device is in low mode. To turn on high mode, simply press the silver button once again, two blue lines will illuminate. It is recommended to start with low mode and move to high mode subsequently, when you fell comfortable with the device.

Step 3- – Place yourself in a well lit area, in front of a mirror with your device fully charged. Identify the four facial treatments zones in your face, essentially dividing your face in four equal parts, cut in half horizontally and vertically, to choose the areas that you wish to treat. These are known as

Zone 1: Upper left area of the face starting with the middle part of your forehead to the left cheekbone.

Zone 2: Lower left area of the face starting with the left cheekbone to the middle part of the chin.

Zone 3: Upper right of the face starting with the middle part of your forehead to the left cheekbone.

Zone 4: Lower right area of the face starting with the left cheekbone to the middle part of the chin.

Step 4- Grab the elixir cream, i.e. Iluminage’s Youth Activator Contouring Serum (and apply a generous amount of serum to your the zone that you wish to treat. Note that it is absolutely recommended to not use anything other than Youth Activator contouring serum with the device, it is developed to maximise results and aids in proper usage and better absorption of light into the skin.

Step 5- Place the tip of the applicator in full contact with the treatment are of the face. Note that the four silver bands on the applicator should be in full contact with the skin at all times or else the device will automatically stop working. Once you begin treatment, the head will be illuminated, indicating that the light is being delivered. A gentle warming sensation being felt is normal and can be felt during treatment, which is just the RF and the red light infusing electrolytes and botanical peptides into the skin, the technology working its magic!

Step 6- Move the device in constant circular motion to treat the specific zone, the device will automatically vibrate after four minutes, signalling you to hop on to the next treatment zone. After all four zones have been treated, the device will automatically power off (now that is literally the beauty of smart!).

Step 7 : Wipe off the remaining serum from your face using a damp cloth. Wipe the treatment tip with a clean cloth and place the cover of the device in place. Post the treatment, you may notice a slight redness on the face which is a sign that the treatment is working! If you encounter any difficulty using the device, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the user manual or get in touch with us at for a live chat with one of our customer executives. Lastly, plug in the device for charing to prepare for your next treatment. Voila! Fresher, younger looking skin that is tighter, firmer and taut, ready to pucker and pout for that flawless age-defying selfie, making age literally just a number!

Charging your Device: Charge your device after a full treatment of the face and keep it in use until your next use. One full charge will last for one treatment of the face. The green battery indicator light will flash as a signal when the battery is charging and once charging is complete, the battery indicator light will be a steady green.


When to Expect Results and The Frequency of Usage:

Beauty takes time and patience, but the results are definitely worth the wait. Expect youthful radiance, tighter looking skin, less wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, less wrinkles on the forehead and a god gifted boost to your skincare routine with Iluminage’s Youth Activator. Powered by Radio Frequency technology, Red and Infrared light has combined the best of technology that will leave no stone unturned to mask the signs of ageing and reveal the skin of of days gone by! Treatments should be repeated once a day for the first four weeks to reveal maximum results. Take this as seriously as your contraception, miss a day and the effect starts to dwindle. The best time to treat your skin is night time before your intricate cleansing, toning, moisturising, castor oil on eyebrows, face serums, and a bout of expensive creams later, revealing skin that is visibly plumper and brighter looking after just one treatment.
After just one week of treatment, your skin will start to look firmer and younger looking. To complete the full treatment, use for additional four weeks following the first four, twice in two weeks to get the full benefits of the Youth Activator. After six weeks, 79% of women saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles on the face (the study is based on the overall assessment of the device benefits after 30 treatments).

Takeaway: Youth Activator defines the contour of the face, giving it a lift literally, from the first use to the full treatment time, making the skin firmer, reducing wrinkles on the face, rebuilding healthy collagen and revealing a new you- with brighter, pumper looking skin that demands attention! We definitely recommend it for an in-house, anti-ageing sesh that is lighter on the pocket and firmer on results!