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Rebuild lost strength- with Kegel Pelvic Floor Toner

Rebuild lost strength- with Kegel Pelvic Floor Toner

What is lost can’t be redeemed is a thing of the past! Redeem, retrieve and revive your health in a new light with the ever-changing technology of today to live life on your terms! Same old you, renewed confidence when your pelvic floor is as strong as the concrete on your curb! Leave the myths by the door and welcome to the world of renewed strength and rigour with the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor Toner for women.

Where is your pelvic floor located?

Pelvic floor muscles contain bones and pelvic organs such as urethra, uterus, vagina bladder etc. In layman terms, pelvic muscles form a hammock like sling from your pubic bone in the front to the tailbone in the back. It helps keep your organs in place, aids in orgasm, helps maintain urination and faeces continence, and also aid in stabilising the hips & back muscles, and in supplying blood to the pelvic organs.

Pelvic Pain- Explained:

Pelvic pain is pain in your pelvic region, it can range from safe to chronic.Pelvic pain is the single most cause for 15% of all sick days taken by women in the UK; about 26% of all sufferers have considered suicide when they are unable to cope. Don’t look far, the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Toner is here to save the day when it comes to all things pelvic muscles!

Symptoms of your pelvic floor needs strengthening:

Pelvic floor can get weakened due a host of causes, especially in women, some of the common reasons include pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, and the straining due to chronic constipation. These are some of the tell tale signs that your pelvic floor needs strengthening-

  • Small amounts of urination leaks during coughing, sneezing or laughing- these are known as ‘laughter leaks’ and termed as incontinence in the medical terms
  • Reduced sensation in the vagina during sexual intercourse
  • Persistent pain during sexual intercourse after childbirth
  • Tampons falling out during periods
  • Frequently using panty liners to avoid a damp underwear
  • A sensation of heaviness or dragging beneath the pelvic floor, in the vagina
  • Consistent lower back pain along with one or more aforementioned symptoms
  • Uncontrollable wind from the vagina or anus
  • Having a desperate urge to urinate as you get home, commonly referred to as ‘key in the door’ syndrome
  • Getting up two or more times in a night to urinate, referred to as ‘nocturia’

If one or more of these symptoms persist, it s time to get yourself checked from a pelvic floor specialist and to consider using the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor Toner.

The Solution:

Pelvic Floor Manual Exercises vs. Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor Toner

What’s worse than urinary incontinence? Not knowing what to do.

Majority of women do not know how to effectively exercise their pelvic floor muscles manually which leads to incorrect postures, thereby damaging the
already weak pelvic floor muscles. Move over YouTube videos claiming to revive your pelvic floor muscles and seek professional help with the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Floor toner, which is 50% more effective than even the best manual exercises. After just 12 weeks of consistent usage of the Kegel8, embarrassing incidents will be a thing of the past!

Is the Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Toner the correct device for me?

Why, yes, it is! The Kegel8 is specifically designed to maximise pelvic floor strength that leads to a better pelvic floor, strong muscles, better health and improved continence for leading the life you were always meant to.

Many women are made to believe in the inevitability of a weakened pelvic floor post pregnancy and childbirth, to all of y’all out there, listen up
ladies! Pelvic floor is like any other muscle in our body, it can be retrieved by exercise, probing and devices like Kegel8 Ultra20 and be back to normal after a stipulated period of time.

Ladies, even if you are not suffering from the aforementioned symptoms, the Kegel8 Toner can up your bedroom game by heightened pleasure in the bedroom, a stronger back and posture, and a flatter stomach! So what are you waiting for?

How does Kegel8 work?

Kegel8 has developed a pain relief program as a natural solution to pelvic pain without having to resort to any kind of surgery or drugs! A natural solution to the debilitating condition is encouraging the stimulation of endorphins- the bye-bye stress hormone, the body’s natural pain killer and stress relieve hormone! Kegel8 will provide an even strength across your pelvic floor, relieving any stress around tight pelvic floor muscles and working in the most sensitive areas. It works by blocking the pain signals.

which are sent from your area of pain, to the brain. The results work far longer than the device is being used for, making Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic Toner a device that not only relieves pain but also gives you the confidence to lead the life of your dreams!

What is NMES?

The Kegel8 Ultra Pelvic toner uses something known as Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) that is known to quickly and effectively strengthen your pelvic floor. NMES essentially uses a device to deliver painless electrical current to nerves and are used to ‘retrain’ or ‘re-educate’ a muscle to function properly. The electric simulation of the muscles is done to increase rigour of the muscles and strengthen them from within. Through a vaginal probe, these electric currents are delivered deep into the pelvic floor, contracting and relaxing in turn to build strength and tone. The Kegel8 exercises 90% of the muscle group, a result 40% more effective than just manual pelvic floor exercises, provided they are done correctly.

If for some reason you cannot, or wish not to use the vaginal probe, you can use the is to use skin electrodes placed on the inside of the ankle, or on the lower back, to stimulate the nerves which connect to the pelvic floor, it will deliver the same amazing results as the vaginal probe!

How to use?

Inside the box you will find:

  • Ultra20 unit
  • Probe with a sample pack of lubricant
  • A pack of skin electrodes
  • Two lead wires
  • A 9 volt battery
  • A quick start guide
  • Instruction manual

Step 1- If the battery has a protective covering, remove and slide into the back of your Kegel8 , ensuring the ribbon is underneath the battery for easy removal.

Step 2- To use the probe, insert the red and black connectors of the lead wire into the pigtail connectors of the probe. Attach the lead wire into the channel given on the top left of your device. Attach the probe into the inner ankles of your legs and sip a cuppa Earl Grey and enjoy your down time while the Kegel works its magic! This process is called Tibial NerveStimulation and is an alternative to the vaginal probe.

Step 3- To use the electrodes, insert the red and black connectors of the probe into the lead wire into the ports of the electrode. Connect one port of the lead wire into channel A on the top left of the Kegel8, and the second pair into channel B on the top right.

Step 4- When you’re ready for exercising, press the power button once and select the preset programme by selecting the ‘P’ button. The screen will display the name of the program, you can choose which one you wish to use. Start the program by pressing the ‘+’ button on the left hand side, this will commence the program by increasing the mA’s. Note: the mA’s will not increase above 8 if the probe is not inserted. Please keep pressing the ‘+’ button until you feel your pulses fluttering and contracting your muscles in a way that is strong but not uncomfortable.

Step 5- When you’re exercising, you should aim to keep the mA level to 30. You will see the number of mA’s displayed on the bottom of
the screen, channel A is on the left and channel B is on the right. The program you choose will increase the number of mA’s to relax your muscles to contract them and then decrease to zero to relax them.

Step 6- The Ultra20 displays on the top right corner of your screen whether the device is contracting or relaxing your muscles. The time remaining can be seen in the right middle of the screen, while the program you have chosen will be shown on the top right corner. The Ultra20 will shut itself off when your chosen program is finished. Should you need to end the program early, just press the power button and the device will turn off.

Takeaway : Kegel8 is a pelvic floor exerciser that works in three distinct yet effective waysvaginal probe, tidal nerve stimulation and sacral nerve stimulation to strengthen your pelvic floor, completely eradicate the embarrassing situations of ‘laughter leaks’ and ‘key in the door’ syndrome for a pelvic floor that is healthy, strong and works as good as it used to in the roaring 20’s of your age!